10 Cliche Tips To Improve Your Health


I feel like this is such a basic white girl list, you may as well get your Starbucks and snapchat filter at the ready. Ha, I joke, but some of this list may come as no surprise and if that is the case, great news. I think deep down we know the basics of living well, yet so many of us neglect these simple day to day suggestions, but for what? Living well can be a fun and enjoyable process when you throw yourself into it and explore the beauty that is day to day life. These 10 simple steps are totally manageable, easy to implement and will provide sustainable long term results.

1.Drink more water:

This is a total cliche but it is so true. I find having a water bottle helps me monitor how much I am drinking - why not try infusing your water with natural flavours like lemon & ginger, cucumber(my favourite), grapefruit and orange.

2. Enjoy regular physical activity

This doesn’t mean go to the gym for 2 hours every evening, Often when I am too busy for the gym I set aside 30 minutes to go walking outdoors - the fresh air does wonders for your mind, body and skin. I also find booking onto gym classes or organising a workout with a friend makes me less likely to cancel. 

3.Eat fewer processed foods.

If it is from a packet it is 90% of the time full of rubbish, granted there are a few brands out there who are contradicting this statement like Strong Roots and Deliciously Ella, so know your brands and check ingredients. If it has more than 7 ingredients, put it down.

4. Increase your leafy greens.

I mean, you don’t have to tell me twice, greens are honestly my favourite thing EVER (Sprouts included). Try adding an extra set of greens to your lunch and dinner, it has wonderful benefits for your body. Try simple swaps like rice noodles for courgette noodles, or adding cucumber noodles to your salad. 

5. Increase your sweet vegetables.

My favourite sweet vegetables are carrots, sweetcorn, beetroot, parsnips and sweet potato. Swap your white potato for sweet potato, add beetroot into your salads,  add sweetcorn to your pasta dishes - it can be as simple as increasing one per day. One of my favourite comfort but healthy foods I have been making is baked sweet potato with vegetable chilli on top. Honestly… Uhmazeeeeee!

6. Healthy Relationships.

Embracing time with those you love really does leave you feeling fuller for longer, and vice vera spending time with those who’s company you do not enjoy or like can leave you feeling unsettled and low. Select your relationships carefully and inject your time into those which make your thrive. 

7. Self-care.

The body is our greatest gift; look after it wisely. This doesn’t mean green smoothies and 5k runs everyday, this can be as simple as knowing you are tired so going to bed early, or having a long day at work so canceling on your friend. Look after yourself before others. 

8. Breathing.

Being calm is so important to our mental state. Calmness is seen as a state of trust that allows the mind to find a solution. Instead of overthinking and overreacting, take a moment today to breathe, flow and surrender yourself to the moment. Allow yourself to receive guidance for what doesn't make sense and watch yourself fill with clarity and calm.

9.Getting ENOUGH Sleep.

Try and get a minimum of 7 hours sleep per night. On the other hand try not to get too much sleep as this can cause you to feel worse - no more than 9. I recommend charging your phone on the other side of the bedroom, as this means you are not checking it whilst in bed, and also means when your alarm goes off you have to physically get up and out of bed. No lie in’s or excuses. 

10. Kindness.

Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the process of growing everyday, don’t beat yourself up for your mistakes and in reverse celebrate every tiny victory. Say nice things about yourself and your friends. Be present and be happy.