5 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Online Biz Owner

  1. Create Strategies not Goals

By putting a strategy in place, over a goal, you are giving yourself and your business more room to grow. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals is great and the obvious thing to do, but when you meet them, or even if you meet them, the process can become a little exhausting as you are knowingly setting out to reach x, y and z. Where as from my experience, by creating a long-term strategy, you are giving yourself room to continuously grow as an entrepreneur and a company. The outcome of a 6 months strategy may be the same as setting a goal to achieve in X months, but the process of those X months are a lot more sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding when you are progressing along a fail proof strategy.

2. Be Curious

Being curious is better than being smart. Being curious about something or someone leads to us as humans to take action; and action often leads to results It is the desire within us to achieve that prompts curious behaviour, not intelligence - knowing the difference will enhance your work load relationship and make your day to day strategy more propelling. With that said, don’t be scared of failure. If you are passionate, or curious about something, your going to feel worse for not exploring and putting your interest into practice, than leaving it to be a ‘what if’.

3. Know Your Game. Play Your Field.

Our motivation often comes from our previous successes. Every past win you have experiences has in some way motivated you to play again, and vise verser, every loss you have taken has effected your future performance. The point here is that, success is always achievable when you are playing YOUR game. You know your business better than anyone and you know your audience; referring back to the previous points which align perfectly with this one; If you create a strategy, be curious and know your field then you are creating the foundations for success. Achieving success leads to new motivation and new motivation, utilised correctly will lead to a new strategy & more curiosity. The cycle will keep you working hard and on your toes all year round.

4. Have A Morning Routine

I feel like the term ‘morning routine’ has got a marketing buzz around it recently, and is often mislead as some huge 3 hour ritual where you pamper, journal, cook 3 meals, exersize, clean the car and still manage to leave the house by 8am. A morning routine is anything and everything YOU want it to be. A morning routine consists of the actions which you carry out continuously during the am. This can be as simple as 10 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of journaling, a 10 minute walk. How we start of our day has a tremendous impact on how the rest of our day unfolds, from our eating habits, energy levels right down to our emotional state. Set aside 10-30 minutes every morning to focus on yourself; not your business. In order to have positive implications on your work, you must be content with your present self, therefor a morning helps ignite the spark you need to get sh*t done. If you are interested in creating a morning routine read my blog post about the blueprints of morning success here.

5. No More Distractions

You must learn the difference between a cue and a distractions to complete work without interruption. Example..

Your Phone buzzes with a new text | You check your phone | subconscious thought: this is the perfect excuse to take a little break | Reality: You spend 15 minutes or longer on said text, checked your social media, emails and found a new recipe on Pinterest.

You now have lost your momentum with working, you feel guilty for getting distracted and your work takes the brunt of it by creating so to speak sloppier content.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar? It became apparent to me after a while that my phone buzzing was not a distraction to me. it was a cue. The distraction was me choosing to engage with my phone after it buzzed. The cue (buzz) is sent to test us, and our responce is almost automatic to engage (pick up the phone). It is here that you must outline which cue’s are having negative effects on your work; and from that, distinguish ways in which you can cut these cues.

A quick recap…

Get up early in order to own your morning. Create a strategy to make your work more sustainable and achievable. Know your field and play your own game. Stay curious in order to take action. Cut your negative cues to propel your productivity and success rates.

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