The ‘Live Well With Lydia’ philosophy focuses on centring yourself in order to restore your balance.

When we approach our health holistically, we are able to outline and define the day to day factors impacting our overall health, outside of our diet. In order to feel our best we must nourish our body, mind and soul. Whilst nutrition remains a key factor of living well, the coaching process also implements development in areas such as relationships, spirituality, home cooking, finances, socialising and much more. 1-2-1 coaching with Lydia will include…

  • Education on food and the power of nutrition

  • Count nutrients not calories

  • Meal plans and recipes tailored to you and your lifestyle

  • Stress management and how to let go of unwanted tension

  • Creating awareness around your relationships and how they impact your inner beliefs

  • Prioritising rest and exploring new sleeping habits

  • Mindfulness, meditation and spirituality

  • The importance of self-care and its impact on your day to day life

  • Falling in love with the journey to happiness

Living well starts with prioritising yourself! No fad diets, obsessive exercising or any set rules; my coaching programmes are all about sustainable, healthy living which will nourish you on and off the plate. Work with me and choose happiness over perfection.

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Lydia works with clients 1-2-1 in order to help them meet their long-term sustainable health goals. She tailors each session around each individual client with the ambition to help you find balance and restore your inner centre. The sessions will cover everything from your current health, your nutrition, physical activity, mindsets, finances, relationships, and so much more. 

If you are finding yourself a little off balance and unsure of where to turn to or what to do next, 1-2-1 coaching is a great starting point. Lydia offers a wide range of flexible programmes making the coaching process as easy, accessible and personalised as possible.

Each program is created with you in mind.

I invite you to submit any coaching questions, concerns or interest below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

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